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Given the nature of Night Vale, no concrete description has yet been given of Cecil's appearance. He is not tall or short, not thin or fat, but that's about all we know. Ergo, here is my (loose and ever-changing) headcanon for him.

Based mostly on [ profile] littleulvar's design, Cecil stands at 6'0", and is impeccably well-dressed.

Mid-to-late 30's, of Native American descent, Cecil has dark skin, and dark hair with a shock of white across the top. He has violet eyes, which match the rims of his glasses and most of his ties. He's not well-muscled, but not lanky either; handsome, but no GQ model.

But everything in Night Vale comes with a bit of strange. Cecil has dark tattoos adorning his arms, shoulders, collar, and back; concentric, well-defined tendrilous masses that -- if one stares long enough -- seem to move over the surface of his skin. Or beneath it. At Cecil's discretion, the tattoos have the ability to come separate from his skin, to unwind from around his arms and shoulders, and reveal themselves as seven long, thick tentacles originating at the base of Cecil's spine.

Carlos has stated that his biology is "scientifically terrifying." Not because he has tentacles, per se, but because there are seven of them; evolutionarily, it just doesn't make sense. But Cecil's mother always assured him, in her more lucid moments, that there was nothing wrong with seven tentacles, and he clings to that sentiment to this day.

For the comfort levels of everyone involved, tentacles will not come into play for threads or logs unless specifically requested.


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